Performance and talent development – Tilburg University

One of the concrete steps Tilburg University has taken in implementing the new way of recognising and rewarding is the introduction of a new performance & talent development cycle (formerly, result & development cycle).

Introduced in 2021, for both academic and support staff, this new way of working focuses on personal development. Continuous feedback and an open dialogue are key principles, and an important change is that the supervisor gives a descriptive evaluation instead of a score. The cycle is supported by a digital platform that encourages continuous (peer) feedback and self-reflection, integrated into the ‘My Employee Portal’. Thus, the system supports having ‘a good conversation’ about career ambitions and wishes, not only during the annual performance & talent development review, but also at other times throughout the year.

Guideline with reflection questions

For academic staff, the focus in the performance and talent development cycle is on the domains that are central to Recognition & Rewards: education, research, societal impact and leadership. In addition, the contribution to the team (team spirit) is an important component, for all staff. To give concrete substance to the discussion about the domains, a guideline has been prepared with reflection questions and examples of behaviour in the domains of education, research, societal impact, (personal) leadership and team spirit.

Training programme

To prepare employees, supervisors and HR advisors for the new approach, a training programme was developed, which consists of both a technical and a conversation skills training aimed at those in leadership positions. In the coming year, this training programme will be integrated into Tilburg University’s renewed leadership programme. Based on the Connected Leading philosophy, this leadership programme focuses on increasing self-awareness and explicitly addresses themes such as recognition and rewards, social safety and well-being.

Use (y)our Talents

The new performance & talent development cycle is an important element in the implementation of Use (y)our Talents, Tilburg University’s vision on talent development and leadership, and one of the strategic lines in Tilburg University’s strategy for the period 2022-2027. Recognition & Rewards is one of the programmes through which Tilburg University is implementing this vision.

More information about Connecting leading, please contact Stefan van der Meer (project leader Connecting Leading) at or Elke van Cassel (project manager Recognition & Rewards) at